Welcome to The Men Collective

Men, in general, ignore the voice inside their head or that gnawing in their gut that tells them, “You can do better. You are meant for more.” They know it’s there, but after a long day, they don’t have any fight left.

However, before bed when we have time to think and dream, we are quitting our jobs to pursue our passion, we are enrolling in martial arts, we are getting up at 5 am to start running again, or we are going to finally ask out that girl. We are warriors. We are adventurers. We are men with courageous hearts and unyielding spirits. Tomorrow, everything will be different. Then we drift off to sleep, wake up to our alarm, and reality sets in. Rinse and repeat. The conditioned script we have in our heads starts all over again.

You aren’t good enough. You’ll just quit, anyway. You can’t afford it. There’s not enough time. You’re  too busy. That isn’t the way life works.

We both know that’s bullshit. The truth is that you’re scared. Of what specifically depends, but if you’re anything like me, you’re scared of failing and of being uncomfortable. You are scared of fear itself. Change is terrifying. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to be hard. There will be times when your spirit has taken so much of a beating that for the first time in years you feel like you might cry. That’s the forge of life. But man, does it ever make you feel alive.

The modern human life doesn’t require us to face our fears. We don’t have to use our bodies much. There are no real threats to neutralize. Our family will eat and be sheltered. We won’t die, and if we get hurt, we will be taken care of. We live longer now, but we live soft and weak.

If we want to better ourselves, we have to fight for it. The reality is that men just don’t know how to be men. The majority of us have no reason to need to. We don’t live in a world that is conducive to it happening naturally through circumstances in our environment, like war, famine, economic depression, saber-tooth tigers, or hunting and gathering.

Other than making love and needing a shower or a shave every day, we don’t have any indication that we are even men. Locked away in our DNA is the gift of our ancestors- a primal essence of man, of strength, of resilience, that yearns to be unlocked and realized.

How does The Men Collective help you?

It is in times of peace we can grow stronger unhindered so that when the world needs us, we are prepared. We must temper our minds and harden our bodies. We may live in an age of comfort and excess, but make no mistake- it comes at a cost. It’s a cage. We are savages in a cage of luxury, forced to be soft and submissive.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been a pathetic excuse for a man, riddled with insecurity and laziness. I have been ashamed, embarrassed, and disgusted with who I have become. I started making the changes and buried that guy. The world had too many men like that one. When I am alone and left to face myself and my choices, I know what I must do. I’m determined to be someone the world needs. You must ask yourself what kind of man you want to be. What are you willing to do to be that man? Stop letting yourself down.

The men of The Collective are committed to action.  We accept responsibility for ourselves, and ultimately, the direction of our lives. The first initiative of The Men Collective is The Better Man challenge. It’s a tool that will, if used correctly,  better your life and propel you forward. It requires you to examine the small choices you make on a daily basis and replace the passive and inefficient ones. Take the challenge by signing up for our mailing list and downloading the file you get in the “Welcome” email.  You can sign up below:



It could be our family, a friend, a stranger, our community, or something bigger, but someday, somewhere, we will be asked to be men. Most of us will not be ready. The Men Collective aims to change that. We want to help you be the man that stands up and steps forward, ready for whatever he must do. We will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and tools to change your life, one day at a time. 

When, not if, you are asked to be a man, will you be ready?

It’s a fight for the future. It’s a fight for our children. It’s a brotherhood of strong men that the world is quietly crying for, and this is the call to unite them. If you are ready to get to work, join us and let’s begin. 

About Matt Gannon

The Men Collective is not me alone. I’m just the guy who is starting it, inspired to act by the other men out there actually doing something.

The Men Collective is every man who knows within himself that he has what it takes to become the man he was meant to be, and then decides to do something about it.

As for me, I am the father of two sons and a daughter, a husband, an uncle, a brother, a friend, an educator; I am these things and more, but at the heart of it, I am a man. Although I’m not perfect, I engage myself in the daily struggle to be a better man. Now I am stepping it up. I expect to learn as much from The Men Collective as I hope you do. I am in the thick of it just like the rest, tasting the bitterness of defeat and the ecstasy of victory. I mess up a lot, but sometimes I do good. I’m in the battle with you. So let’s get to work.  We have a lot to do.