Stop Wasting Time

Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. The moment you give up on improving yourself is the moment you die. Perhaps not in body, but certainly in spirit. It’s a whole lot harder to come back from that.

You get one shot. Every day spent is one day gone forever and closer to death. Stop wasting time. It’s insane that people choose to spend their one shot at life watching TV, working like a slave for nothing but a mediocre existence, and doing things that actively contribute to a much shorter life.

Death by mediocrity is not what you want for your life. If you are a man of The Collective, or if you want to be, you reject that notion and you are ready to fight for a life you only previously dreamed of. Not just for your, but for the betterment of your family, and the betterment of your species.

For your actions today determine what kind of kid you raise, and what kind of kid they raise, and so on as long as humans exist. Let yourself feel the weight of that responsibility. Accept it, and take it as your life’s mission. Leave this world better than it was when you arrived. Let your descendants remember your name, and what kind of man you were. This is determined by what kind of man you ARE. 


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