Show Them Who You Are

If you are looking to have a successful life, you need to accept something right now. People don’t want you to succeed more than them. This may hurt you, but it’s reality. It could be your relatives and friends, which makes it hurt even more. Use this pain. The desire to prove yourself worthy will carry you further than you can know.

When you know people have been talking about you behind your back, use it. When you know people look at you and think you’re a fool for a believing you can reach your goals, use it. When you get so frustrated and angry because people can’t see the possibilities like you do, use it and let that anger guide you and fuel you into success.

Think of the people who talk badly about you, the ones who don’t believe in you, who tear you down for their own gain, even and especially if it’s your own family.

Show them who they’re really talking about. Show them just what kind of fool you are. Show them the possibilities that you brought to life. Do not lose your hope, because I swear to you, if in your mind you have seen your success, you can do this.

It may not be when you want it, or not even necessarily how, but you will show them just what kind of “fool’s life” you have led. Don’t give up hope. Show them who you are.

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3 Comments on “Show Them Who You Are”

  1. Great one bro, love the directness of the podcast.
    Love the part where you said that some people want to see you do better but not better than them…

    I couldn’t had agreed more on that and I see that allot with people and sad part is, it’s with close friends.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jaime! Unfortunately, friends and family are typically the ones talking badly about you. I can’t take credit for the sentiment, but it’s something I’ve known for many years. Happy to hear you enjoyed the article and podcast!

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